Welcome to the showroom

From the ST2 Two seaters to the ST3 Three seaters, there is something here for everyone.

Built for touring

Enjoy picturesque sceneries with EasyDrive automatic and have the freedom of packing what you want!

No need to shift – just enjoy

The 1.5 Ltr. 4-cylinder in-line engine (VCT) represents the central element. Together with its advanced 7-gear automatic gearbox by Punch Powertrain brings power to the road.

Anti-lock braking system

Now available in the Option packs

Low fuel consumption

Space for luggage

You will be able to perfectly store your luggage into the large Tourback trunk, equipped as standard for all models.

Customise, customise, customise

Optional Paint and accessories galore.

Cruise control now available

See the options pack

You'll never look back!

But everyone else will look at you!

We'd Love To Hear From You!

If there is one thing we love doing more than riding our trikes through the winding roads of Queensland's Sunshine Coast, it's talking to you.  Drop us a line to have a chat.